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Zach Braff is a somewhat well-known American actor, known for his portrayal of psychologically-tormented characters, often in traumatic and life-threatening circumstances.He has many times risked his own life to bring gritty upper-middle-class reality to movie screens."Despite the rumours, Taylor has never been on a date with Mr Braff, and he has never been to her home. Stern spoke to the fact that he read the two were "very, very close friends," to which Braff asserts they've met a couple of times and "she's a sweet girl." When the legendary radio DJ proposed she'd be a great date for him, the actor-writer-director immediately noted that he has no interest in dating the "super famous girls," and then referenced a past relationship he had with Mandy Moore. When you date another famous person, that's when they really hound you." "They" refers to the paparazzi, who Braff claims will gladly follow you everywhere you go, hang outside your house or follow you throughout the city, should two famous people decide to get together.And then as soon as someone goes, “Wait, who said that? posted a story about Taylor and Zach getting closer after Zach's recent break up with his girlfriend, who's named Taylor Bagley, confusingly enough.

He'll head to her Tri Beca apartment after the show, and theyre often spotted at Union Square Farmers' Market. It gets way less coverage if they ignore it, so why are they making such a big deal unless they want to get the thought into our heads?Even though it is set in a hospital Scrubs is generally well known for not showing any actual surgery or even a drop of blood throughout its 9 seasons (horrifically leaving such scenes to viewers' over-active imaginations); despite this there have been calls in some corners to ban it because of the psychological trauma it is considered to inflict on viewers, campaigners often citing the traumatic travails in JD's lovelife as the reason.Braff was quickly established in acting circles as the most intense and hardcore performer since Tommy Wiseau, a Belgian-American method-acting prodigy who is rumoured to eat gibbon for breakfast. You know that thing where you have something you want to happen, but you don't want to suggest it yourself, so you just shout it out in a crowded area? I feel like that may be a tactic that Taylor Swift's team employed just now, except the slightly fancier version. Unless it wasn't in your head to start out with, in which case, get it on in there!

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