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The drum belonged the New York Regimentals and was donated by Bill Pace. I am assuming that this is the date the drum was donated.Incorporating the full history of Ludwig and it's many changes over the years, this book is the definitive biography of the company both as Ludwig and WFL.This is a three ply shell with maple inner and outer plies and a poplar center ply.The throwoff and but end as well as the batter head have been replaced with Ludwig parts.The snare drum is 5 1/2" x 14", the tom tom is 8" x 12", the floor tom was 14" x 14" and the bass drum is 14" x 20" with a 20" ride cymbal.He bought the set complete sometime around 1954 from Herb Brochstein at the Brochstein Music store at 2211 Chenevert St., Houston, TX.The set however does not show up in any pictures with Elvis before September of 1955.That was the popular combination for the smaller drums produced by Gretsch.

All Valco-made instruments and amps were numbered this way until 1964. In 1964, Valco replaced the metal number plate with a rectangular foil sticker with numeric prefixes.we heard and liked him and asked if he would like to play with us the next time. He would speed up or slow down just like we would and we said, 'Boy, this is great'.And he started working with us every time there was money to include him on the dates. J.'s most famous drumset is a classic 4-piece round badge Gretsch drum set with Copper color nitron finish, sometimes referred to as Copper Mist, and a distinctive Calfskin front bass head.The shells are 0.265" (6.7mm) thick and scarf-jointed for extra stability.Bass drums and toms also have the anachronistic reverse round-over bearing edges from the 1950s.

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So the inside edge of the shell sits higher and rounds off towards the outside.

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