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While Justin apparently admitted it to Audrina, LC denies it happened and friends have already laughed off the story as totally false.We can't imagine Lauren betraying her close friend that way, but tell us — do you think Lauren would hook up with Justin Bobby? I wanna have fun and not be held down or committed. Way too hard.” Lauren on her recent lunch with Jen Bunney: “It’s a bummer. Dun dun dun.” Lauren on her butt slip: “When I was a sophomore in high school, I was in ASB (Associated Student Body) when we did the pep rallies.As promised, on Thursday night Taylor Swift dropped her first song from her serious-looking new album about how everybody, including the media, is to blame for ruining Taylor’s reputation. I was doing some really weird Twister move and I bent and my pants [] and my butt came up. It was filmed and some girl on yearbook staff really didn’t like me. The paparazzi keep taking pictures of stuff that happens! We couldn’t get people to participate in the activities, so they would pull the ASB kids out. That’s when the REALLY low-rise jeans was in and mine weren’t stretched.

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"When confronted, Justin admitted to Audrina that he and L. Lauren is, of course, denying everything to Audrina, but "Audrina doesn't believe L.

This "confession" only happened within the last week, we're told.

Any second thoughts Audrina had about entering into a relationship with JB evaporated after he dropped some of his dating wisdom on her. or let truth and time tell all." Roughly translated: Deal with my gas or forget about the booty calls.

Somehow I don't think commitment issues are Audrina's main problem when it comes to dating.

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