Online dating for dog lovers canada

The results pinpoint when to introduce their pet to a potential date; how singles rely on their pet’s judgment of a date; and, whether or not “cat people” and “dog people” can truly make a love connection.

After all, most dog lovers think nothing of approaching and talking to a total stranger, provided that person is holding the leash of a friendly-looking dog.As part of my niche social network series, today I am going to cast a light on social networks for pets!Yes, that’s right, social media networks for Pets-Lovers, Owners and their pets.So taking these conversations to a social network seems a natural next step.Many pet social networks not only provide forums, resources, and expert help, but they also provide owners with the ability to showcase their pets by developing pet profiles, creating groups, exchanging photos and videos.

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But, you say, you already know the humans at the local dog park, and while you’ve finally managed to remember some of their names (not just their dogs’ names) and have even set up some doggie play dates, not a person among them is anyone youwould date. You’ve realized that if someone’s not a dog person, they are simply not romantic material.

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