Biggest dating mistakes women make

We give away our exclusivity before a man gives us the commitment we want.When we close off our options with other men too soon, we actually sabotage our ability to get the commitment and intimacy we so desire. But dating can be fun, it’s all about perspective AND the approach.Social Media and Online Dating has created this crazy age of instant gratification where everyone wants it ALL and wants it NOW.We had a calm talk about it and moved on, but it really kind of messed up my trust in her.

– /u/sideclass Overreacting to minor things, especially if it's also coupled with other things that make the conflict worse rather than better.I couldn’t understand what my problem was and why these guys were all out to get me but then I figured it out, it wasn’t them it was ME!There are many people who have bad intentions but most don’t but I was picking the WRONG people and the way I was behaving and reacting to them led me to People, especially as they get older, don’t want drama!Once we meet a man we really like, we women tend to dive right in.We want to give our hearts, mind and very soul to a man, and meld together into a perfect relationship.

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