Wooyoung and taeyeon dating

Swallowing hard Junho raised his sword, and the crowd cheered. But now he can't live without it, this was him, this is what made him free. The days were getting shorter, the nights longer, the cold grabbing a hold of people and making them aware of the limited time they were allowed to spend on earth.

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Watching the man, his "owner" stand next to all the wealthy and political heads of Rome.

He "listened" to his speech, and Junho's eyes met Caia's, and she nodded.

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Nichkhun est un vampire qui ne chasse pas les humains.

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~NOT COOLBut now they are dating officially, not by smtown. Dont be a crazy fan and support me.--for disagreers--But seriously SM... They might be part of the top 3, but as a whole it's pretty disgraceful.Junho had no idea what it was, nor did he understand anything people were shouting at him.As he stood in the center of a huge arena, with thousands of individuals."Im i right." "We all know that Baekhyun was a fan of Taeyeon before they went out right?"Sm town made a scandal because Kris wu ,was getting alot of attention in China. Recently Sm town took down Tao's mv down and put a lawsuit ,on the company that Kris wu joined.

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